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Healthy Dessert Recipe Article What you need to know about healthy meals in Australia

What you need to know about healthy meals in Australia

Aussie farmers who deliver healthy meals have become the latest to find themselves at the centre of an investigation into alleged corruption.

The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DDAF) says it’s investigating whether a “lack of public accountability” by the DDAF led to the corruption.

It said it would look into whether the DFAF’s compliance with the Clean Food Act is “sufficient” to ensure the safety of healthy meals.ABC Fact Check is investigating.

The DDAf says it would not comment on specific investigations.

But a former DDAA food inspector, who is not associated with the investigation, told ABC Fact Check that the DTAF has had a “very good relationship” with DDAFs in Queensland, where farmers receive a cut of the profits.

The inspector, known only as the Inspector, says the DBAF had a good relationship with the DCAF, which has a similar budget and staffing.

“There’s been some problems, but it was in line with the expectations we had of them,” he said.

“They have good relationships with each other and they have a good understanding of what they can and can’t do and that’s how they’ve been able to manage it.”

In 2016, the DAAF raised $1.5 million in funding for a new food system.

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