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How to Avoid the ‘Heart Healthy’ Bagels

Healthy bagels aren’t for everyone.

But if you’re not sure if your taste buds are on board, a new study may offer a way to make them healthier.

The study published in the journal Nutrition Research and Practice looked at the effect of three different types of bagels: Healthy Heart Healthy Bagels (hearts), Healthy Weight Healthy Bagel (weight), and Healthy Weight Heart Healthy Burgers (buns).

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and the University at Buffalo looked at how the three types of bread fared when compared to their counterparts.

They used two different measures to gauge the healthfulness of the bagels.

One of the measurements, called a Heart Healthy Weight Diet Score, is calculated by combining the weight of the bread, the calories, and the fat content of the ingredients.

The other measure, known as the Healthy Weight Health Diet Score is calculated from the percentage of daily calories that the bread contains.

While both the Heart Healthy Score and Healthy Health Diet score are based on the same measurement, the researchers also used the Heart Health Diet Scale (HHSD) to determine how much the bagel was likely to contribute to the overall health of the body.

The results showed that healthy heart and weight bagels fared relatively well in the study.

The researchers also found that healthy weight bags fared better than their Healthy Weight counterparts.

The researchers noted that the results could be influenced by the ingredients, such as how well they were mixed with other ingredients.

However, the overall findings point to bagels that are a healthier option for people looking for a healthier snack.

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