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Healthy Dessert Recipe Business What’s in the healthy dog foods? Here’s the scoop

What’s in the healthy dog foods? Here’s the scoop

On a recent morning in the Bay Area, a man who would later become the world’s most famous yoga instructor and who is currently living in India took a look at his own dog’s diet and started to wonder if he should give it a shot.

“I went to a dog show and they said, ‘Oh, you should give your dog a diet of raw food, because dogs don’t have the ability to digest it,'” the man told the Daily Beast.

“They were giving out the same diet to people.”

The man is not a big fan of the word raw, saying that it’s too complicated.

But his dog was just fine.

“He was on a raw diet,” the man said.

“The only thing I had on it was a piece of bread.”

The diet was raw, according to the man.

“We’re going to eat the whole thing and have it cooked in the oven,” he said, “so it doesn’t taste good, but it’s raw.

It’s really good.

It doesn’t look like any dog food that you can buy.”

The first time the man tried raw dog food in the kitchen, he found it “really, really weird,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s a very complicated way to eat.

I don’t know if I’d ever have the patience to do that again.”

After reading the Daily Mail article, the man realized that “there are people out there who are really into the whole raw food thing,” he continued.

“There’s people who really do it and it’s a huge health movement, and there are people who don’t.

But if you are interested in the health benefits of raw meat and fish, there are many people who actually believe that.”

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