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How the Healthy Food Revolution is Already Changing the Way You Eat

A new report from the non-profit food industry group Food for Thought looks at the food we eat and how we consume it, and the effects that it has on our health.

The report, entitled Healthy Oatmeal: The Future of Healthy Eating, is a snapshot of what we are eating today, and how our health will look in the next five years.

In the report, the group says that, by 2050, we will eat approximately 1,000 times more fruit and vegetables than we did in 2013, while also adding a third of calories from protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

The number of people who consume fruits and vegetables will be higher than the population of New York City, the report says, while we will have more than half of our people living in households that consume at least one serving of fruits and/or vegetables daily.

According to the report’s authors, these changes are a boon to the health of Americans, and will be a big deal when it comes to their health over the next decade.

“We are seeing unprecedented levels of consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains,” says Julie Davenport, president of Food for Life.

“We are now seeing the rise of healthier eating choices, which is going to help our health.”

Davenport notes that, with the food industry making strides to increase its focus on nutrition, the changes will only become more significant over the coming years.

“This is going into the next generation of food, and it is going away from the sugar and salt and high-fat and high carb diet that we have now,” she says.

“The focus is going in the right direction.”

“The health benefits of eating healthy food are going to be tremendous,” says Davenports.

“If you want to maintain your health and keep your weight, it is important to keep eating healthy.”

While this report doesn’t look at exactly how many people are currently consuming healthy food, it does make an interesting case study for the health benefits.

According for example, as part of the report the report also shows that Americans eat about 8,000 calories a day from carbohydrates and proteins, and that they are eating almost 5,000 fewer calories per day from fats and sugars.

This could have significant impacts on the health and well-being of those who consume healthy foods, as well as the health habits of those of us who are already consuming them.

The study also looks at how healthy food has been affected by the Great Recession.

According the report: The recession of 2008-09, coupled with a growing trend of people not being able to afford to buy fresh produce, contributed to the increasing demand for healthier foods, including healthier breakfast cereals, vegetables and fruits.

“What was once a relatively affordable, everyday item, was now a staple of most households,” the report explains.

“It became a major factor in the choice of healthy foods for a portion of the population.

And the demand for healthy food in the United States has continued to increase over the past five years.”

The authors of the study say that these shifts in the diet of the American population, and those of other countries, have a direct impact on our well-functioning body systems, as we are now consuming more sugar and more calories than we ever have before.

“By 2050, our health is likely to be worse than it is now,” says Dr. John Sperling, an associate professor of public health at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a member of the Food for Health panel.

“As our food supply continues to grow, so will the number of Americans who are getting sick and dying of chronic disease,” says Sperring.

“There is a clear need for healthy foods in this world, and in fact, it may be the only way we can truly get ahead.”

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