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Healthy Dessert Recipe About Why McDonald’s is in a crisis

Why McDonald’s is in a crisis

The chain’s CEO, Donald McKay, said the company’s health and wellness initiatives are working but the company is losing customers.

McKay said the chain’s “healthy” menu items are the best value.

He said the franchisee-owned chain is also adding health benefits, such as acupuncture and yoga classes.

McKay, a former hedge fund manager, also said McDonald’s will soon add more restaurants with vegan options and the chain will open its first non-traditional locations, including in Las Vegas.

McKay was asked about McDonald’s latest loss, and said the market is still weak.

He added that McDonald’s had made progress, and its franchisees are doing well.

The company’s stock, which closed Wednesday at $19.78, fell to $17.49 after McKay said it was too early to see whether the company could recover.

McKay also said he expects to sell the chain to an outside investor this year.

McKay has said McDonalds will open 100 more locations, adding more than 7,000 restaurants worldwide.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s said it would be closing about 200 restaurants by the end of the year, and about 1,100 in 2018.

McDonald’s, which opened in 1950, was the first fast-food restaurant to serve breakfast.

(Reporting by Joseph Ax in New York; Editing by Daniel Wallis)

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