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Healthy Dessert Recipe Article Is Nutella Healthy Dark Chocolate?

Is Nutella Healthy Dark Chocolate?

The company behind the Nutella brand is pushing its healthy dark-chocolate bar to the healthy counter as it prepares for a $2 billion sales surge next year.

According to a new report, Nutella is among the top 10 healthiest dark chocolate bars in the world, beating out traditional brands like Cadbury’s Chocolate, and making up more than 10% of the global market.

The new report was commissioned by the International Dark Chocolate Association, which aims to develop the future of chocolate.

“Nutella is a great dark chocolate that has a rich and creamy flavor, which is not only a health benefit, but it’s also a health treat that makes the dieters’ day better,” said ICA director of global marketing for marketing, Sarah McBride.

“It’s also easy to enjoy, and there are no chemicals in it and it’s gluten free.

The combination of these ingredients makes it perfect for anyone looking for a health boost.”

Nutella will debut in a new line of health-conscious bars at select retailers in the US and the UK, according to ICA.

But in the UK the brand is also available in a range of chocolate bars made with coconut milk.

In Europe, Nutellas health benefits are the subject of heated debate.

The British health authority has recently said Nutella should be classified as a ‘nutritious food’ and a ‘food for all ages’.

While Nutella isn’t officially recommended for children, the company has been criticized for pushing the products too hard, saying it could cause health problems in some young children.

“I am pleased that Nutella has been given a strong green light to make Nutella bars that are nutritionally balanced, rich in antioxidants, and offer the health benefits for all of our consumers,” said a company spokesperson in a statement.

“We will be introducing Nutella Bars in stores throughout the UK in May 2017.”

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