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Healthy Dessert Recipe Article How to make chicken marinades from scratch

How to make chicken marinades from scratch

Chicken marinaded with corn, rice and carrots, this is a simple recipe that can be adapted to many foods.

The recipe for the chicken marinated with corn and rice and then topped with carrots is from The Cookbook.

This recipe can be made into any of the many chicken marination sauces.

For example, the marinad sauce used in this recipe can also be made from the chicken stock and the vegetables.

Chicken marinated in marinader sauce, is ready to serve, and can be added to any meal.

You can use it for marinading chicken, vegetables, fruit, pasta, rice or any other dish.

The marinada sauce has a very nice flavour and makes a delicious appetiser, salad or sauce.

It also tastes really good with chicken and other fish.

Try it!

Read more about chicken marinating here.

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