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Healthy Dessert Recipe Article ‘I am happy to help’ with ‘healthy lunch options’

‘I am happy to help’ with ‘healthy lunch options’

A health food store in Japan has offered to make healthy lunch items, such as healthy tea, with its stock.

The company, Ichiban Market, has been offering its healthy lunch boxes and packets to customers since April, with the aim of encouraging them to make healthier meals.

“I am really happy to offer healthier lunch options to our customers.

We would like to help our customers to improve their health,” Ichiban spokesman Masaki Uchida told the Kyodo News Agency.

Uchida added that customers who were concerned about eating unhealthy meals should contact their local convenience store or convenience chain.

Ichiban Market also offers “healthy snacks”, such as tofu and sesame seeds, for a fee, and has been encouraging people to try their hands at cooking with soy sauce.

Soy sauce has also been making a comeback in Japan, as many Japanese eat their soy dishes with soy milk, which is considered more healthy.

More: The government has approved the sale of “health food” to households in 2020, and food stores have also been allowed to sell products with ingredients that are not commonly found in the food industry.

However, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to make any guidelines on whether healthy foods can be marketed to people under the health care law.

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